Thank you

Two Little Bees wouldn’t have been funded without the wonderful support of the following people; my Kickstarter pledgers!

Brian Aparicio
Cheryl Gannon
Christine Aparicio
Clare Ship
Daniela Bowker
Dee Sheen
Eliz Cooke
Ernie Aparicio
Gemma Aparicio
Graham Blacow
Jack Lane
Jamie Howlett
Jo Riou
Johnny Fox
Jonathan Pam
Katie Aparicio
Kirsty M Hall
Lee Cattermole
Lesley Cattermole
Linda Cattermole
Paul Thewlis
Richard Bayliss
Sian Bateman

And – of course – all of the wonderful people at Kickstarter, @megafounder_go, @AwesomeMerch and the Two Little Bees Facebook fans/Twitter followers for all of the likes/shares/posts/retweets. You’re all awesome!

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